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26 January 2010

Mi vida en Espana

Hola! Finally, after computer problems, orientation, and several busy weekends later, I am getting my blog started!

I have been here since January 9th, which actually seems like forever ago! I live very close to school (a five minute walk) which is nice because I know more than a few students who have to take a 20 minute Metro ride! I live with a senora, Esperanza, and another student, Jessica. We each have our own spacious and furnished room, and share a bathroom.

Esperanza is great! She is a funny Spanish grandma who speaks ABSOLUTELY no English. I probably looked like a deer in the headlights the first few days, but I am becoming much better at understanding at least the basics of what she is saying (responding, however, is a different story...). The other day, I asked her if she knew any English from previous students, and she instantly said, "NO! I am NOT going to learn English so you all HAVE to learn Spanish... you came to Spain to learn Spanish!) Point taken, Esperanza :)

Here are a few pictures I took today.

These are on the balcony of one of the SLU Madrid buildings. One side is the city...

And then we have a great view of the mountains!

DO NOT let the blue skies fool you.. this is probably the second time I have seen the sun since being here! The weather is unusually nasty, with snow, rain, and generally gloomy skies. I am hoping it gets better soon!


  1. Looks like nothing but blue skies ahead. I can't wait to see and read more! Love you:)