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26 February 2010

A weekend in Granada

This is a little late, but better late than never!

For Valentine's Day, Sora and I hopped on another bus to the south of Spain. This time we were headed to Granada. Unfortunately, we were met with some crazy bad weather: cold, rain, and snow. But we made the best of it :)
The foggy view from the Alhambra grounds.

The main event in Granada is the Alhambra, a Moorish palace. The Alhambra only allows 7,800 visitors a day, and only sells 1,800 on the stop. Since Sora and I were last minute visitors to Granada, we woke up early to ensure we were one of the 1,800.

The palace is set up on a hill, so the surrounding views overlooked the valley and city.

The palace walls were COVERED in very intricate carvings.

The Generalife Gardens.

Overlooking Granada from the Generalife gardens.

A little peak of the hills.

In order to warm up, Sora and I stopped at a Moroccan tea house. After we had rested our feet and warmed our bodies, we took to the streets with a Rick Steves walking tour. The highlight was a little network of back streets selling Moroccan goods. It was a little burst of color in an otherwise gray day!

Piles and piles of great "stuff"!

Loved the Morrocan lamps.

For the evening, we headed up the hill across the river from the Alhambra to see it lit up. We looked from the San Nicolas Viewpoint, made famous by a visit from the Clinton family in 1997. (Ironically, we were there the same weekend Bill Clinton had his heart problems...)

Hehe Happy Valentine's Day, Sora!

More fog.

The view from San Nicolas was great! The lit up Alhambra with the pretty city background was beautiful.

Even with our great pictures, the crummy weather blocked a very important element of the Granada landscape: the mountains! We had told someone about our great pictures, and she said: "oh, and the mountains too are so beautiful!" WHAT?? We had no idea there were mountains surrounding us until the bus ride home!

Postcard perfect!

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  1. WOW! Your trio sounded amazing :) I love the postcard picture, the lighting is beautiful. I love the mountains, so I can feel your pain on missing out on seeing them. Why do they have a limit to visitors for the Moorish Palace?