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16 February 2010

Knits by Esperanza

Baby bonnet, with a bow.

My lovely senora, Esperanza (don't worry, I will post picture of her soon!) is a master knitter. When I came back from class tonight, the dining room was full of another batch of her baby knits. She sells the actual clothes to other grandmas and etc., and the patterns to knitting books. One of the first days I was here, she showed me a knitting book, and her designs and clothes were 90% of the book!

Look at that ruffle!

She does have two grandchildren, but at 4 and 8 years old, they have outgrown the tiny little knits she makes. I am positive they were the best dressed on the block when they were little though!

Boy sweater

Girl sweater, with booties. She said the booties take her only a day!

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  1. ADORABLE! The clothes look super soft too.