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07 March 2010

Cave Bar

The cave-like interior

Over the weekend, several of my friends had visiting friends so a group of us decided to visit a popular bar.. the Cave Bar! Many places don´t open until at least midnight, so it was destined to be a late/early event. So many people were out walking around that it seemed like it was early afternoon--not early morning!

The Cave Bar was very cool, and had a unique set-up. The ceiling and walls were made to look like stalactites and had very eerie lighting. Their signature drink has goat´s milk in it, and the milk comes out of the ceiling through a stalactite!!

The music was very interesting... ranging from Lady Gaga to a ¨Grease¨medley... with ¨The YMCA¨ in between. It was a fun night!

Not as realistic looking with flash...

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