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15 April 2010

My Italian Spring Break: Cinque Terre

Our final destination was Cinque Terre, a series of five towns along the Italian coast. (Some of my pictures are still on another flashdrive, so this is only half of Cinque Terre!)

After 10 days, we really started accumulating a lot of stuff...

We were off the train at town #1, Riomaggiore. We walked the easy and paved Via dell'Amore ("Walk of Love") to town #2, Manarola. Our backs were laden down with our "luggage" so I am happy it was only 20 minutes!

Walk of Loovveee (with the locks of lovers)

Our little town was our favorite! There weren't a lot of tourists and it was very pretty. The main street was lively the night we arrived so we decided to scope it out and explore a little.

Oh we definitely ate here our last night!

Manarola at night.

We started the day off nice and early to get a jump start on the trail. We planned to hike to town #3 Corniglia, #4 Vernazza, and #5 Monterosso. It was a nice, all-day event!

Manarola in the AM, at the start of our hike.

Very shaky bridge.

We may have looked like hardcore trailblazers (har har!) but we definitely took time to stop and photograph at every opportunity! We were particularly in love with the flowers along the trail.

Proof it was Easter Sunday!

Sitting seaside.

Corniglia up in the hills.

Corniglia is the only town not located on the water. We had to climb many, many stairs to reach the town!

We sat by the rocks and wrote postcards in Vernazza.

Rick calls Vernazza the "cover girl" of Cinque Terre.

Vernazza was a world away from our little town. I think all of the Cinque Terre's visitors migrate toward the busy little time. There were so many people concentrated in a tiny area, so we headed to the edge of the town.

They kept a good pace.

Vernazza from up high.

"Cinque Terre: The Rest of the Trail": coming soon!

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