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15 April 2010

My Italian Spring Break: Tuscany

While in Florence, we took a day to explore the Tuscany area. We had a great tour that introduced us to the Tuscan countryside.

The owl neighborhood!

Our first stop was Siena, a little city close to Siena. We had a fabulous tour guide who lives in Siena. Her wardrobe made Sora and I very jealous!

Siena has a really cool story. The city is divided into 17 neighborhoods, each with their own animal symbol. Each neighborhood also has its own church, school, color, flag, and everything! "Friendly" neighborhood competition comes into play during the Palio horse race that occurs around the main square.

Stylin' guide!

When we were walking back to our meeting point, our guide shared a little story with Sora and I.... a few years ago, the Pope wanted to come visit Siena. His people sent the Siena people the date he wanted to visit. Unfortunately, his dates fell during the same time as the Palio date. The Palio changes for no one, so Siena told the Pope to reschedule!!

Striped Duomo!

Our next stop was lunch at an organic farm and winery just outside San Gimignano. We had a great lunch of almost all farm-grown/raised food items. Homemade pasta, wine, and more!

Cows on the farm.

Our lunch place's vineyard.

In the "backyard" after lunch.

We visited the hill town of San Gimignano and then headed to Pisa by bus. The bus ride was absolutely gorgeous! A lot of people fell asleep (full of wine and yummy food) but I didn't want to miss the scenery!

Blue and green were the colors of the day.

From the bus window!

We made it to Pisa and immediately tried to figure out the "Pisa photo ops". EVERYONE around us was trying to create clever pictures with the Leaning Tower! After Pisa, it was back to Florence.

I am trying with all of my might, but there is no stopping the intense lean!

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  1. Last picture, so great ha. I can't believe I haven't seen this blog before today! I'm enjoying scanning the archives though....what a time you are having? -- can't wait for your return!