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26 April 2010

Sunday afternoon bull fight

WARNING: those who are animal lovers or generally squeamish should not read this post!


On Sunday, Caitlin, Rosa, Sora, and I decided to go to a bull fight. When I told Esperanza where I was going, she started laughing and saying, ¨Oh take care... yikes...¨ so I was a bit uneasy about what I was going to see!

The bullring is in a big circle, so although we were sitting in the cheap tickets up high, we could still see everything.

Not that missing some parts would have been so bad....

Hiding from an angry bull.

The entire bull fight events consists of 6 actual bull fights. First, matador assistants wave around pink and yellow capes to get a feel for how the bull is.

Next, two picadores enter the ring on horseback. One of these guys must stab the bull with their lancers. The bull almost always went for the horses, who were blindfolded and must have been wearing an insane amount of armour!!

This was a bit hard to watch...

Pretty assitants!

Next, three banderilleros enter the ring with hopes of stabbing their banderillas (spiked wooden sticks) into the neck of the bull. When they miss, the crowd goes crazy!

Bloody bull...

When the star matador, the torero, enters the ring, the pink cape is switched out for a red one. He puts on quite a show, waving his cape around and having staredowns with the bull, until he uses his long sword and plunges it into the bull´s neck.

One bull down, five to go.

Once the bull falls, the ear is cut off and the body is drug out of the ring. The groundskeepers come out, clean up the ground, and another bull comes out.

I can´t say I would go to another one, but I am glad that I went. My favorite part: the traditional matador outfits! What is not to like about pink tights and sequins?

Sora and Caitlin wore red!

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